Puff Digital prides itself on creating, developing, partnering and discovering leading brands in the cannabis workspace. Our team is passionate about exploring the root of what makes a brand connect with it's audience best. We believe that a sensible combination of stylistic creativity, mixed with masterful comprehension of SEO and consumer analytics, with proven social media strategies are key to developing any brand.

Puff Puff Post

Puff Puff Post is your destination for anything happening within the cannabis industry. From breaking news to stock market analysis to groundbreaking interviews and everything in between, we are your source for what matters in cannabis. In an industry that's growing at such a rapid pace, it's important to find a name you can trust and rely on for up-to-date, important information. Stay current and stay informed with the Puff Puff Post.

Higher Mentality

Higher Mentality is your home for original cannabis content done right. In this booming industry, the struggle of getting lost in a sea of mediocre and stereotypical "stoner" content is real. Higher Mentality takes an elevated approach, creating high-quality entertainment for our audience to enjoy. Whether you're a cannabis connoisseur or just a casual fan, this community has something for everyone to get high on.

Cannabis Pages

Cannabis Pages is an online directory that provides a list of companies that offer services to cannabis-related businesses.

Skunk Magazine

Publishing since 2003, SKUNK Magazine is a multimedia platform that offers engagement through print, online video, social media, and strategically leveraging networks in the Global cannabis marketplace. With ample coverage of organics, permaculture, leading-edge technology, farming, genetics, philanthropy, education, empowered consumerism, sustainable business practices, or green ethics; Skunk Magazine has become one of Cannabis' most recognized legacy brands and proven globally to be an agent of progress and change.

Into The Weeds

Puff Digital's "Into The Weeds" (ITW) Podcast explores it's subjects discovery of cannabis whether positive, negative, comedic, medical or recreational. Join musician and advocate Ben Rispin, Medical Cannabis educator Bubba Nicholson and states side co-host Efrem Schulz as they delve into the depths of the cannabis experience with some of the world's most fascinating users and learn, how they, got Into The Weeds.