Cannabis x Cooking. HEXO's THC Dosage Calculator

Client: HEXO


Legalization in Canada ushered in an abundance of competition, crowding the space and causing an element of confusion with users/customers. Which brands are good and bad, which should I try? What type of cannabis, consumption method? etc.  HEXO isn’t immune to the noise, so we needed to help them stand apart.

  • Approach

Our creative team brainstormed ideas on how to educate consumers, across audience segments, about cannabis and how to infuse it with food. 

We partnered with HEXO’s in-house product knowledge expert, Guy Degrace, and a renowned chef, Laurent Dagenais, to bring educational content to different audiences:

  • (lifestyle/culture focus with cannabis enthusiast audience) – We wrote a piece on ‘decarboxylation’ and cooking. 

The goal was to educate Canadians on the topic of ‘cooking with cannabis’, and then amplify the content through three of our publications and across our network of +1 million users a month.



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